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The work-piece guided processing system ROBOCELL 400 was enhanced in close cooperation with our customers to provide a solution to the ever increasing demands placed on work-pieces placed horizontally for polishing, brushing or grinding. This unique and highly flexible system offers exactly the right solution for work-pieces that cannot be processed using a work-piece guided system owing to their size or shape.


As in the case of most CIMOTEC systems, the design of this machine, too, has been based on the ROBOCELL totally enclosed systems, which have proven themselves over a period of many years, and which bring decisive benefits to the user with respect to system safety, noise and emission protection as well as enhanced transportability. With the use if industry robots having up to 750 Kg load capacity as well as a number of different processing units the system can fully harness its high degree of flexibility. The most varied of work-piece guiding systems from the large CIMOTEC product range can be integrated in the systems easily and guarantee economic operation over a period of many years.


The system is very simple and can be quickly reconfigured for varying work-pieces, so that the increasing demands of “Just-intime production” today can be handled without any problems. The user-friendly system control based on the Siemens S7 system as well as a wide range of options, by means of direct influence in the process to achieve an increasingly optimal processing result, wrap up the ROBOCELL concept.


The highest levels of reliability, maximum extent of maintenance-friendliness and with it, even the highest levels of system availability, were some of the prime considerations during the development of the ROBOCELL. We are so confident about this that we document it flourishingly with a 2-year product guarantee.

The work-piece guided model series ROBOCELL 400 has redefined the modern method of polishing, brushing and grinding long and large work-pieces as a result of subsequent enhancements.   New processing units facilitate economical, flexible and rational handling of long, large or unwieldy work-pieces, which can only be processed with great difficulty using work-piece guided systems, or not at all.


The ROBOCELL 400 processing systems are available in a range of sizes, exactly as the specific processing needs demand. We can also produce combined grinding and brushing systems for household use or industrial washing using robot sizes up to 210 Kg. just as large polishing systems having robots up to 750 Kg. handling capacity, and our most powerful polishing unit at present, CPW 100/2 can process pipes, profiles, ornamental strips, motor vehicle roof rails and much more.


Series of systems consisting of many ROBOCELL 400 systems or even combined complete systems consisting of ROBOCELL 100, ROBOCELL 500 and CNC polishing systems from the CIMOTEC product range have an ever increasing demand owing to the production and cost pressure. If a single component requires multiple processing steps and that too in large numbers, then enormous performance capability can be achieved at low cost with the use of a series of systems. The most varied of plant chains, adapted uniquely to the work-piece and customer requirements, have been implemented by CIMOTEC over the last 16 years of the company's history and they are in satisfactory operation to this day. Your satisfaction is our gain.


Our ROBOCELL 400 system concept would have yet more performance capabilities and become more trend-setting as a result of further enhancements slated for the near future:

The polishing unit CPW 150 comes with polishing wheel widths up to 1,000 mm and drive power up to 45 KW.

There is a feature of automatic polishing shaft change on the CPW50, CPW100/2 and CPW 150 models. The feature of automatically changing over to a second, completely ready polishing shaft enables working with different polishing cloths and pastes even on work-piece guided processing systems.
There are also solid paste units for work-piece guided polishing units. This option makes it possible to improve the processed result.
And much more.

The ROBOCELL totally enclosed systems are designed as stable steel constructions and offer clear advantages with respect to system safety as well as noise and emission protection thanks to the fully integrated enclosure. They fulfil the latest workplace directive completely and comprehensively and offer, in addition, a high degree of transportability of the entire system. Relocation within the company premises can be accomplished promptly and easily, the work programs travel, so to speak, along with the system. Should the processing demand it, then the ROBOCELL enclosure can be supplied in an explosion-proof design in conformance to the ATEX Guidelines.

The ROBOCELL totally enclosed systems can be supplied in the colour desired by the customer and the request for almost any colour can be complied with.

A wide variety of work-piece feeding systems such as the one illustrated having a stocking mechanism for the linear feeding table or for the turntable facilitate flexibility of handling and guaratee economical production for many years.  The clamping surfaces for both these feeding systems having dimensions of 3,000 mm x 1,200 mm provide a very large area for accommodating the most varied of work-piece clamping devices. The prime considerations for the development of both these standard systems were low replacement time and high reliability. Changing the clamping device becomes child’s play with the use of the optional zero-point clamping system, and, similarly, we also gave due consideration to quick and easy replacement of the large and heavy clamping devices by providing ease of access when using lifting equipment such as fork lifts or other similar equipment. Other feeding systems from the CIMOTEC product range right up to system chains with successive processing are possible, for which, please get in touch with us. The work-piece guided polishing unit CPW 100/2 is a subsequent innovation taking the aspects of flexibility, performance and reliability into consideration. The innovative oscillation feeding systems have helped to achieve unparalleled system availability. The polishing unit has an impressive performance as borne out by its technical data:

Drive power 22 KW three phase standard motor

On request, we can supply integrated oscillatory movement 0-70 mm, with continuous adjustment of stroke and speed.
The oscillations are provided using an electric geared motor or alternatively, with the help of a servo motor, as a result of which, the oscillation stroke and also the speed can be adjusted during the processing phase in progress to suit the work-piece optimally.
The polishing wheel width is 650 mm and the polishing wheel diameter is 500 mm.
There is a counter bearing provided for the polishing shaft.
The system can be supplied in the ATEX design variant for processing aluminium.
The system can be integrated with different polishing paste mechanisms.

The smaller brother of the CPW 100/2, the CPW 50, completes the product range and has a maximum polishing wheel width up to 300 mm. A larger polishing unit, the CPW 150, having polishing wheel widths larger than 900 mm, is in the design stage.


Customer-specific polishing and grinding equipment wrap up the CIMOTEC range of products. CIMOTEC supplies the tools necessary for the optimal functioning of the system with single and multiple clamping devices for ornamental strips or similar work-pieces right up to CNC turntable clamping devices.


The clamping devices for CNC machine tools have become a kind of standard for the processing of motor vehicle roof rails and profiles since the time that they were developed more than 10 years ago. In the variants having 3, 6, 8 and 10 devices, one can clamp and process multiple work-pieces simultaneously. They can be aligned or rotated by the computer in various positions during the course of processing in order to attain optimal accessibility to the work-pieces. In this manner, production economy is guaranteed.


Various systems are available for the polishing paste feed
of the CIMOTEC polishing units depending on the particular


High-pressure paste pistols with pressure query

Low-pressure pistols

Devices for solid paste are under development,


The various paste feeding systems are used in accordance with
the processing task in order to achieve an optimal processing
at all times.


CIMOTEC can also contribute towards supply of the polishing paste for you: Be it a pressurised container, single-shot paste pump or central supply of polishing paste, we offer you everything under one roof. Moreover, if you already have the appropriate supply of paste, then we simply connect the new system to it without any problem.


Other accessories such as, for example, polishing wheel pullout mechanisms for automatic periodic cleaning of the polishing wheels, precision measurement equipment for exact determination of the polishing wheel abrasion, polishing wheel quick change holders for quick and easy replacement of the polishing wheel packet etc. already prepared, wrap up the CIMOTEC range of products..


Almost every need can be catered to, since we already have it in
our range of products or else we would develop it for you. The
continuous meaningful enhancement of our products with
the help of our satisfied customers is of prime importance
to us.



ROBOCELL 400, 500 KG Roboter, CPW 100/2 polishing unit, turnabable feeding table, polishing area 3000mm x 1200 mm



ROBOCELL 400, 500 KG Roboter, CPW 100/2 polishing unit, linear feeding table, polishing area 3000mm x 1200 mm




ROBOCELL 400, 2 x 360 KG Roboter, 2 x CPW 100/2 polishing units, 3-position– turnable feeding table, polishing area 2 x 2000mm x 600 mm, polishing / buffing