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The work-piece guided processing system ROBOCELL 100 is a highly modular system solution provided by the house of CIMOTEC. The ROBOCELL 100 offers decisive benefits starting from small and simple systems right up to complex processing solutions provided with retrofit enclosures. Since various processing units can be combined and used in the system, totally new processing options were developed.


As in the case of many CIMOTEC systems, even this machine design is based on components installed separately with the most varied enclosure arrangements and safety devices, which bring benefits to the user with respect to system safety and modular construction. With the use of industry robots available from various manufacturers and having different load capacities as well as a number of different processing units the system can fully harness its high degree of flexibility. Various work-piece guiding systems from the large CIMOTEC product range can be integrated in the systems easily and guarantee economic operation over a period of many years.


The system is very simple and can be quickly reconfigured for varying work-pieces, so that the increasing demands of “Just-intime production” today can be handled without any problems. The user-friendly system control based on the Siemens S7 system as well as a wide range of options, by means of direct influence in the process to achieve an increasingly optimal processing result, wrap up the ROBOCELL concept.


The highest levels of reliability, maximum extent of maintenance-friendliness and with it, even the highest levels of system availability, were some of the prime considerations during the development of the ROBOCELL. We are so confident about this that we document it flourishingly with a 2-year product guarantee.

The classical, work-piece guided product range ROBOCELL 100 has been constantly adapted, with the help of subsequent extensions, to increasingly meet the needs of modern grinding, polishing and brushing. New processing units and the use of constantly more heavy-duty robots enable economic, flexible and rational handling with almost all types of work-pieces. This includes sanitary fittings to die-cast and steel / stainless steel work-pieces, motor vehicle interior / exterior work-pieces right up to processing multiple work-pieces clamped together such as motor vehicle ornamental strips, for example.

The ROBOCELL 100 processing systems are available in various designs, exactly as the specific processing needs demand. All stationary processing units from the CIMOTEC range of products can be used, and combined processing tasks such as grinding/polishing or polishing/buffing can be performed with ease. This option opens up completely new perspectives in the context of even more rational handling. The proportion of manual work was, in turn, reduced with development work done subsequently by CIMOTEC.


The modular construction of the systems makes it easy to bring the system components even to those locations that are difficult to reach.  The safety systems that can be supplied especially for the ROBOCELL 100 underline the modular concept with which the customer can select the system that best fits his needs. Amongst others, protective and fenced enclosures, complete enclosures as retrofit with light construction and heavy duty complete enclosures as retrofit with many features of our complete ROBOCELL enclosures with respect to noise and emission protection can be supplied.  On request, from the viewpoint of better transportability of the machine components, all modules can be mounted on stable steel base plates and even consisting of multiple parts.


Series of systems consisting of many ROBOCELL 100 systems or even combined complete systems consisting of ROBOCELL 100, ROBOCELL 400, ROBOCELL 500 and CNC polishing systems from the CIMOTEC product range have an ever-increasing demand owing to the production and cost pressure. If a single component requires multiple processing steps and that too in large numbers, then enormous performance capability can be achieved at low cost with the use of a series of systems. The most varied of plant chains, adapted uniquely to the work-piece and customer requirements, have been implemented by CIMOTEC over the last 16 years of the company's history and they are in satisfactory operation to this day. Your satisfaction is our gain.

The customer can select from various ROBOCELL 100 system enclosures from the comprehensive CIMOTEC product range to suit his desires and requirements.



Safety enclosures with a safety fence offer enhanced operational safety with good accessibility even when they are difficult to place and mount at the installation site.







The new, lighter and complete enclosure with integrated steel construction base plate represents a meaningful tradeoff between utility and cost. For comparable feature of system transportability such as our large ROBOCELL integrated enclosures there is an interesting alternative with respect to the procurement cost. At present, we can supply this type of enclosure only as a one-piece enclosure.









The heavy retrofit enclosure is designed as a stable steel construction and offers clear advantages with respect to system safety as well as noise and emission protection. They comply with the latest work-place directives in totality. Should the processing demand it, then the heavy retrofit enclosure can be supplied in an explosion-proof design in conformance to the ATEX Guidelines.

We can supply the complete enclosures, as is the case with ROBOCELL complete enclosures, in the colour desired by the customer and we can comply with the request for almost any colour.





The light retrofit integrated enclosure has as an aluminium profile construction. It is a cheaper alternative to the heavier variant, which, however, we construct in-house in the antiexplosion design and conforming to the ATEX Guidelines.


The CIMOTEC processing units can be supplied for the most varied of tasks:



CP 40- The small polishing unit for problematic areas can be supplied in various sizes. Drive power up to 3 KW and polishing wheel diameter from 50 mm to 200 mm permit a flexible application spectrum.


CP 50- Powerful polishing unit having a 1,000 mm polishing wheel diameter and up to 15 KW drive power, a maximum polishing wheel width of 200 mm and the polishing wheel abrasion as well as the feeding of paste are adjusted automatically. On request, the CP 50 can be supplied with an inbuilt pneumatic oscillation movement.


CP 52- Large polishing unit having a 1,000 mm polishing wheel diameter and up to 22 KW drive power, a maximum polishing wheel width of 500mm, a counter bearing for supporting the polishing shaft. On request, the CP 52 can be supplied with an in-built motor-driven oscillation movement.


CP 80- Powerful polishing unit having a 500 mm polishing wheel diameter and up to 7.5 KW drive power and a maximum polishing wheel width of 150 mm. The CP80 can also be supplied as a dual polishing unit CP80/2P, as a pure belt grinding unit CP 80/S or as a combined grinding/polishing unit CP80/SP.


CP 100- Double Large polishing unit having a 1,000 mm polishing wheel diameter and up to 15 KW drive power, a maximum polishing wheel width of 250mm. Compact design by a new drive concept. On request, the CP 100 can be supplied with a free-position turn unit for more flexibility.


CS 55- Our most powerful dual grinding unit: Contact rollers having a diameter of 250 mm over which the work-piece can traverse cater to the required free space for processing. Contact disc diameters from 30 mm to 500 mm and the optional use of a second, upper contact roller further enhance the flexibility. The grinding belt, grinding shoe, up to 15 different belt geometries by simple tilting of the grinding belt cater to optimal processing results. The dual grinding unit CS55 can also be supplied as a single machine CS 50 or as a dual unit CS 60 with the units being arranged one above the other owing to space constraints.


CS 65/66- This is a 5-roller contact disc grinding unit with pneumatic contact roller alignment. On request, the unit can also be supplied as a dual grinding unit CS66 and both in Wet- Grinding-Design.


Customer-specific polishing and grinding equipment wrap up the CIMOTEC range of products. CIMOTEC also supplies the tools necessary for the optimal functioning of the system for single and multiple tensioning devices for sanitary fittings, metallic fitting work-pieces, medical equipment, wooden or painted work-pieces, plastic components, ornamental strips etc.

The precise gripping and holding of the component during the processing is a guarantee for successful and correct processing. The gripping tools constructed and manufactured with higher precision from the house of CIMOTEC will be supplied to you even in future for new work-pieces to be produced. Everything is available under one roof.









Various systems are available for the polishing paste feed of the CIMOTEC polishing units depending on the particular task.


High-pressure paste pistols with pressure query

Low-pressure pistols

Devices for solid paste


The various paste feeding systems are used in accordance with the processing task in order to achieve an optimal processing result at all times.


CIMOTEC can also contribute towards supply of the polishing paste for you: Be it a pressurised container, single-shot paste pump or central supply of polishing paste, we offer you everything under one roof. Moreover, if you already have the appropriate supply of paste, then we simply connect the new system to it without any problem.


Other accessories such as, for example, polishing wheel pullout mechanisms for automatic periodic cleaning of the polishing wheels, precision measurement equipment for exact determination of the polishing wheel abrasion, polishing wheel quick change holders for quick and easy replacement of the polishing wheel packet etc. already prepared, wrap up the CIMOTEC range of products.




Almost every need can be catered to, since we already have it in our range of products or else we would develop it for you. The continuous meaningful enhancement of our products with the help of our satisfied customers is of prime importance to us.


ROBOCELL 100, 16 KG Roboter, CS 55 double beltgrinding unit, CP 80 brushing unit , special feeding system



ROBOCELL 100, 125 KG Roboter, 2 x CP 78 polishing unit, 2 x CS 65 belt grinding unit, dual fixed table stocking system



ROBOCELL 100, 45 KG Roboter, CP 78 polishing unit, CS 65 belt grinding unit, dual fixed table stocking system