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For milling of composite materials, plastics and soft materials such as Aluminum, these CIMOTEC robot systems are individually
equipable to requirements.

Everywhere, where the necessary tolerances are not in the hundredth range, it is worthwhile to test, whether the use of a robotic system instead of a 5-axle CNC Machine is possible. CIMOTEC determines for you the technical feasibility and operational efficiency of a robotic system for your case of application.

To be Independent of external subcontracting and to be able to ensure controlled implementation of the finishing in own premises are an advantage, which we have similarly considered for our customers, also to provide subcontractors the Flexibility, to have a system, that is applicable with calculable expense for the most various tasks.

Combined with an offline programming system, the programming of new tasks independently of the production devices is also implementable. This is only further required for the optimization.

Most different supply techniques, tooling and enclosures from CIMOTEC Standard Program, as well as robots from all notable manufacturers are also applicable here, which guarantees safety and functionality.

Highest reliability, highest servicing-friendliness and thus also the highest plant availability and operating efficiency are
present on the top rung in all solutions and products of CIMOTEC.

The matured enclosure concept of CIMOTEC ROBOCELL type series guarantees best accessibility, variable feeding options up to system interlinking of several ROBOCELL systems and most flexible interior design in positioning of appliance fixings, tool change systems and more.

The precise appliance construction in CIMOTEC combined with intelligent sensor technology connects the scales for exact, rational and cost-effective works with the accuracy optimization of the robots. The extraction systems and if required the tools change systems for processing and/or total spindles also account for this purpose.

The used high frequency spindle units are continuously controllable, provided for the latest status of technology and especially for the use with robots.

The total system can easily be rebuilt for cutting applications with oscillating blades in order to operate the robotic system more variably.

The machining options are almost without limits. From end processing on trim strips, cockpit– and other interior uses in the automobile industry up to model–, prototypes-, or mold construction, and much more can be precisely machined in this system.

Reduction of your production costs, increase of your production rate are our milestones to collective success. Talk to us … we tell you if and how your production can also profit from our know-how.

Robotic milling cells with calibrated, accuracy-optimized robot for milling out the assembly openings and fixing bores on cladding parts made of SMC and GRP. Supply over conveyors with vacuum appliances on fixing vehicles. Electronic tactile sensors recognize the body edges of the work piece and allow an automatic program correction. For alternate operation, it is respectively milled on one side, during which the other side can be newly loaded by 165KG robot with high frequency spindle and extraction buckle. Changing system for various types and dimensions of mills can also be expanded later and allows a complete machining of the work piece. The extraction unit with several filter stages provides “pure air”. The enclosure is a CIMOTEC standard product and is variably adjusted to the project in dimension and design.


Beside single-position systems, interlinked working systems are also possible with several robots as well as special input systems. We also find the appropriate solution for your process-automation, contact us!