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Based on long standing experience in area of automation, a system concept was developed in CIMOTEC, which was variable formable in construction, but standardized in basic configuration.

From the Safety Engineering in accordance with latest specifications, over the standardized communication interfaces to the processing machines of different manufacturers up to the gripper technique and process logic, everything is designed on basis of cost-effective solutions and can be adjusted to almost all existing machining lines and work pieces individually. In case of the customer‘s planning of a new system, which should also be automated, we are in contact with the manufacturer of the processing machine from the very beginning, in order to plan the total system in such a manner that a quick start-up and optimal output is guaranteed.
The necessary investment volume for the new automation can be drastically reduced in many ways by using the thoroughly checked used robots instead of new devices. The use of used robots in new automation cells is trouble-free, as a desired future exchange at any other time is possible. If necessary, the handling cell can be optimally upgraded and operated in full capacity with further functionalities depending on the processing times.

By the variable loading options, total machining lines can be interlinked in a space-saving fashion. Differences in the working times of individual processing centers are compensated her by intelligent buffer logic.

Highest reliability, highest servicing-friendliness and thus also the highest plant availability and operating efficiency are present on the top rung in all solutions and products of CIMOTEC.

The basic concept of the CIMOTEC Solutions for machining automation is not only applicable to the milling, turning, drilling, clearing or other processing centers, but can also be adjusted to casting machines for metals or plastics and presses and be equipped to completely chained machining lines.

The basic concept is flexible in an extremely high degree due to the modular construction. The used, reliable purchase— components are continuously compared with the upcoming innovation in the supply market for better functionality and cost reduction and if necessary, incorporated to the existing standard.

As system partner of the notable robot manufacturer, CIMOTEC is in the position to provide the appropriate robots from an immense pool of choices. In the selection, customer preference regarding manufacturer is of course considered and oriented to the available robot systems in order to minimize the training- and servicing expenses of the customer.

The plant systems are so constructed, that a "bit by bit" automation with later catenation is possible. For this, it is determined by a finishing analysis on request, how a machine assembly can appear reasonable, which can be constructed bit by bit to a fully automated finishing line.
In this manner, the course can be set in good time to a future, optimal automation. This saves on two counts costs that are clear and calculable from the beginning.

Simple but effective details permit a variable operation of the machines. Thus, the machines can be shifted to manual operation for loading and unloading relatively effortlessly, without dismantling the components and/or robots.

Regardless of how narrow the space is for and around the processing machines … automation is only then impossible, when we say it after testing. Reduction of your production costs, increase of your production rate are our milestones to collective success.


With the CIMOTEC protection program, also the most
twisted machine corner is secured on site in the uncomplicated
manner of adjustment and assembly. In spite of the simple
connection technique
, the safety connection corresponds to
the required safety standards.

Openings for the work piece input and output are adjusted and mechanically and/or electrically secured.
The CIMOTEC safety door rounds off the protection and
guarantees a secure accessibility.








Elaborate gripper technique guarantees not only a safe
handling of parts. In the construction of these components
additional functions, such as encompassing and sensor
controlled work piece orientations, are also considered and
integrated into the gripper components as far as possible.













Also under extreme conditions, we have your work piece always
in solid grip …….











…….. and conform to all situations in form and function.

Double cells in line linked with manual input and per one used FANUC robots for processing of steel forging

Robot cells for loading and unloading of a drilling center and an eddy-current test cell for steering knuckles

Loading and unloading of a milling center for processing of system plates for interior design. This cell is integrated into a
completely automated line up to palletizing.


Beside single-position systems, also interlinked working systems are possible with several robots or CNC-Systems as well special input systems. Combined machining processes in addition to Handling, such as deburring, measuring/testing are possible, thereby totally new processing courses open up to complete processing. We also find the appropriate solution for your automation function, contact us!