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In order to conclude the process chain to machine processing of work pieces, "Turn-Key“ systems are created for edge processing in CIMOTEC, constructed on the already available multiple sampled product portfolio from the area of Grinding.


Here, not only the own products for the very variable requirements for edge processing were and are further developed, but also the manufacturer of tools such as processing spindles with extensive tests of prototypes are supported in order to design the edge processing with industrial robots always in a more process-sure manner.


CIMOTEC systems constructs on basis of experiences in different categories of edge processing, such as removal of burrs in plastic-, composite- or light metal parts and deburring after machining.

Whether only leading to work piece– or tools, CIMOTEC has always the boundary conditions such as material logistics, clock cycle, volume of work and machining process, safety and operational efficiency, under control

Highest reliability, highest servicing-friendliness and thus also the highest plant availability and operating efficiency are present on the top rung in all solutions and products of CIMOTEC.


The classic, versatile applicable CIMOTEC model ROBOCELL 100 has been the inspiration in design of enclosures of deburring cells. This variable concept capacitates each adjusted system design up to use by the widely known CIMOTEC grinding– and brushing machines, which are used in appropriate applications.

In tools selection, the most effective devices are used. We work closely together in using tools with the leading manufacturers, in order to reach the Optimum for each process.

Quick change systems for tools and gripper stations in devices with loaded work pieces guarantee a very high machining depth.

Robots from ABB, FANUC Robotics and KUKA come into use. Thus, CIMOTEC can design the plant also according to the customer’s desire.

For processing of Aluminum and Magnesium, but also for other areas with the risk of fine dust, the CIMOTEC devices are supplied in ATEX design, if necessary. Safety is on the top rung in the total concept for CIMOTEC.

A process-sure handling of work pieces are guaranteed by intelligent delivery logic adjusted to on-site situations. For programming, CIMOTEC now focuses more on the options of the Offline Programming, by which the processing programs can be compiled and/or optimized with lowest production interruption.

Your satisfaction is our gain.

The customer can select different enclosure options from the
extensive CIMOTEC—ROBOCELL 100 delivery program
according to his desire and requirements.




Whether safety enclosures with safety fence, the new, lighter
full enclosure with integrated steel construction-ground
, the heavy subsequent full enclosure, or the light
subsequent full enclosure
— for each case of application is
the correct solution regarding device safety, noise– and
emission protection and Explosion-protection
according to
the ATEX guidelines is deliverable.




The enclosures fulfill the latest Health and Safety at Work Act to
the full extent. They are deliverable in customer specific
; almost all color preferences that are omitted can also
be fulfilled.








CS 65- This is a 5-roller contact disc grinding unit with
pneumatic contact roller alignment.
Also available in wet grinding design.

CS66- This is a 5-roller dual contact disc grinding unit
with pneumatic contact roller alignment.
Also available in wet
grinding design.









CP 80/S - Effective grinding unit, which can be variably
loaded, according to requirement with an extensible arm with
contact disks (see picture) or with disk-shaped tools such as
grinding bar rings or similar tools. This device is also available in duplicate design loaded with combined, duplex attached tools.



Furthermore, CIMOTEC uses pressurized air spindles of leading manufacturers with pneumatically controllable radial or axial balance. These are assembled, especially in the ATEX design, for controlled removal of material residues and/or dusts in Silos.


Deburring of surface-machined Aluminum work pieces in a tool
guiding robot cell. The programs are compiled on an offline
simulation system and optimized over the robot control. The tool
is a radial pressurized air spindle moving in all directions.














Deburring of milled Aluminum work pieces from the aviation
industry. A radial moving pressurized air spindle is also used
here, mounted on a robot.



















Deburring application for guiding work pieces integrated into a
handling cell. The mounted robot loads and unloads a
processing center. During the processing period of the machine, the robot has time to deburr the grasped work piece, a steel forging from the automobile industry, on a pressurized air