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To complete the process chain for machining cast work pieces, CIMOTEC created “Turn-Key" systems to separate work pieces and sprues building up on the already existing portfolio that has been tested many times. Supplemented with the established systems for mechanical machining, the work piece blanks can be prepared to such an extent that they can be lead directly into CNC processing.


Under use of state-of-the-art sensor– and vision engineering and in combination with the extensively CIMOTEC logistic systems, CIMOTEC solutions can be implemented in each existing and/or planed production chain.


CIMOTEC systems build on the experiences in various branches of production and machining of cast work pieces.


Whether only leading to work piece– or tools, CIMOTEC has always the boundary conditions such as material logistics, clock cycle, volume of work and machining process, safety and operational efficiency, under control.


Highest reliability, highest servicing-friendliness and thus also the highest plant availability and operating efficiency are present on the top rung in all solutions and products of CIMOTEC.

The customer specific solutions must be accommodated in the various standard CIMOTEC assembly series of the ROBOCELL concept, depending on the configuration of the system as a whole. This variable concept enables adapted system configuration up to the use of the CIMOTEC machining units known everywhere, that are used when there is an appropriate application.


In tools selection, the most effective devices are used. We work closely together in using tools with the leading manufacturers, in order to reach the Optimum for each process.


Quick change systems for tools and gripper stations in devices with loaded work pieces guarantee a very high machining depth.


Robots from ABB, FANUC Robotics and KUKA and other come into use. Thus, CIMOTEC can design the plant also according to the customer’s desire.

A process-sure handling of work pieces are guaranteed by intelligent delivery logic adjusted to on-site situations.


Your satisfaction is our gain.

The customer can select different enclosure options from the
extensive CIMOTEC—ROBOCELL 100 delivery program
according to his desire and requirements.



Whether safety enclosures with safety fence, the new, lighter
full enclosure with integrated steel construction-ground
, the heavy subsequent full enclosure, or the light
subsequent full enclosure
— for each case of application is
the correct solution regarding device safety, noise– and
emission protection
is deliverable.




The enclosures fulfill the latest Health and Safety at Work Act to
the full extent. They are deliverable in customer specific
; almost all color preferences that are omitted can also
be fulfilled.









Depending on the type of cast alloy, the most effective tool
solutions will be used with respect to processes, durability of
tools used and general operating costs of the intended machine.

These can be linear cutting tools such as band saws, rotary
functioning tools such as cold saws, but also multi-cutting tools.